Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will This Ever End!!!

Today started off great, I had nothing really planned. I was off work and was going to do some podcasting and watch some TV, it was going to be a great day. After spending a few hours on the computer I made my way to the TV room to watch the premiere episode of Terra Nova. I got through about 2/3rds of it before getting a call from my co-working asking if I saw an email from the heads over at MTV. I told her no, that I was relaxing and just watching TV. Well she informed me that the big boss at MTV was asking for digital cuts and DVD's of every episode and that he want them NOW!!

I heard the word "NOW" and something in my brain snapped. First let me say that I don't get angry often, and I'm a pretty laid back person. Though that is good it's also bad as I ball up all my anger and have moments when it just bursts.. well this was one of those moments and I feel horrible for my poor co-worker who was just the messenger, but I let lose. I'm use to stupid executives people making crazy unrealistic demands and normally just grin and bear it.. but not this time. I "official" finished this job last Friday, but due to some mistakes on the executives part we had to come on on Monday and Tuesday to do some fixes. But today was my day off, I didn't plan to go in and was in the middle of watching a new TV series. I ranted for about ten minutes until I calmed down enough to inform my co-worker that I would do what they requested but I was going to send them a very nasty email about respect and such... I didn't care what would happen. It's not like they can fire me and if they don't want to bring me back on another show (oh well). So I hung up the phone and let out this guttural yell, thank goodness I live alone.

After that I checked my email and noticed another issue that would require me to come into to the office today. So I came in around Noon and stayed till about 8pm. When I got home I finished watching Terra Nova (blog review will follow). And then went to bed wanting to put this day behind me. And no I never did send that email out. Friday can't get here soon enough.. I can't wait for this job to end

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