Monday, September 26, 2011

The Day After

This past weekend was so fantastic and I knew I would be depressed the day after because after having a house full of friends for two days, it's tough to go back to being alone. So I had planned to go to Disneyland, who can be depressed at Disneyland.. but when I woke up I wasn't felling so hot. I think it was a partially lack of sleep and partially all the work stress of the previous weeks finally taking it's toll on me. So I didn't go to Disneyland. :(

Jes who stayed with me the entire weekend left around 10am to head back up north and I did a bit of cleaning. I really wanted to get started on some podcasts as I have many of them due before I go on my week vacation next week... but I just didn't feel motivated.

Work crap kept coming up, they kept having audio sync issues which just stressed me out more (I so can't wait for this job to really end). So I pretty much did nothing all day. Watched some TV, dealt with work issues, surfed the internet, ate some food and missed my friends.

One highlight from today was I got to talk to Felicia Day for my KOTG CompanionCasts. We chatted about the final 3 episodes.

I've been a very Emo Kenny today. :)

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