Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reconnecting With My Padawan

Well it's been over a year since I have talked about my Padawan Troy. During San Diego Comic Con 2011 we had a falling out. I don't really know what I did or said but for some reason he unfriended me on Facebook and stopped following me on twitter. That was the year that everything was stolen from my jeep including his laptop, autographed pictures and other comic con stuff. I reached out to him several times over the year but never got a response.

Anyways I've always enjoyed his company, I think he's a very sweet guy and we had a cool friendship and I'm not one to let something like that just go without a fight. So last week I messaged him on Facebook, though we are not friends, I could still send him messages. He responded within minutes and we started to communicate again. We decided to get together this coming weekend for lunch... and today is the day.

He arrived around 2ish and it wasn't awkward at all. It was like no time had passed. I gave him a hug hello and we immediately headed out. I was hungry so we headed to Chili's. We caught up on each other lives. Not a whole lot was happening for him. We ate and chatted for about 2 hours. Afterwards we headed back to my place to hang out. He didn't have any plans and though I could have done yard work I was happy to be hanging with my padawan again. He is doing a Buffy watch as well but was at the end of S3. I am doing a Buffy rewatch with my bestie Robert but we are in the early part of season 2. So I figured I can watch some Buffy with Troy since it will be months before Robert and I get to S3/S4. So that's what we did. We watched the last three episodes of S3 and the first four episodes of S4. We hung out until about 11pm when we finally said our goodbyes.

It was a good visit... you could tell he didn't want to talk about why he was mad at me. I would have like to know as I've never lost a friend like that. But I was happy to have him back in my life and to be honest it doesn't really matter.. all that matters is that we are friends again and I'm extremely happy about that. Looking forward to seeing where our friendship goes next.

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 26 & 27

Age 26
Age 27
The pictures continue... this time it's age 26 & 27. The Age 26 picture is one of my favorites of me back then. My buddy Jared is behind me grabbing my sides making me laugh. The Age 27 picture I dyed my hair blonde. I did that here and there and it always turned out pretty cool. Would love to do that again... if I had the hair :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tickets and Titles

Another busy day here at work, but I won't bore you with details. Two things happened and if your a Star Trek fan you'll be either excited or confused about on of them. Star Trek 2 (Abrams reboot) has gotten an official title Star Trek Into Darkness. This title is odd because there is no colon as in previous Star Trek titles; Star Trek: First Contact or Star Trek: Nemesis. So Star Trek fans are split some like the title and some hate the title. I'm not a big fan of the title but then again I understand that they are trying to get away from the "older" Trek universe as this is a new Trek. I do find the title interesting as in what the story will be. We still have nine months before it hits theaters and I'm sure will get more info as it get's closer.

Second thing is I purchased my weekend tickets for Stan Lee's Comikaze Con. I didn't go last year as I thought it was an anime convention and me not being into anime I didn't bother but I found out it's just a smaller San Diego Comic Con here in Los Angeles so I'm going to give a got this year. I plan on cosplaying in my Hobbit outfit all weekend... so that should be fun.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Gimpy Dinner & Podcast

Tonight after work I headed over to Teal and Ali's place for dinner. We were also going to record a "wrap up" podcast for her webseries My Gimpy Life.

Got to Teals and chatted with the two of them as dinner was running late. We were talking politics as Ali was watching the DNC (Democratic National Convention). I normally don't like to talk politics because it can be a touchy subject to some but Ali, Teal and I pretty much had the same thoughts on the race so it wasn't so bad.

We soon found out that the food place hadn't even sent out our order so we decided to start the podcast and see how far we could get before dinner arrived. We got about 30 minutes into the podcast when dinner finally arrived.We ate and then finished up the podcast with some Q&A.

It was a good "wrap up" podcast.. I should have it edited and out in the next few weeks. Not sure what will become of My Gimpy Life podcast but for now we are planning short monthly installments.. will see how that goes.

Got home around 11pm and crashed

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 24 & 25

Here I am at Age 24 & 25, it's so crazy to look back at these pictures and realize I was a cute guy. At this time in my life I didn't feel cute. I was confused about my sexuality, wasn't attracting anyone and was very lonely. 25 was finishing up collage and within the next year be moving to Hollywood and starting my career in the Entertainment industry.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

To Many Friends???

Is it possible to have to many friends? I never thought I would ever ask myself that question since I've haven't had many friends in the past but if you read my blog you know that the past year and a half I have built a significant amount of friendships. And me being me I love to keep in contact with them, keep up on their lives and see them from time to time. This wasn't a problem when I didn't have many friends, but now that I have a lot more I'm finding it much harder to keep up on every one's lives. And this makes me feel guilty for not being the "friend" I would like to be. So I ask the question; do I have to many friends?

Of course as I have mentioned in past blogs I have layers of friendships. My close/best friends I tend to talk to more often and see more often. Then the second tier and so on. But there are close friends that I don't talk to for months and when I do I find out all this stuff has gone on that I didn't know. I try and read up on folks Facebook and twitter but I only have enough time in the day for so much. I'm not a big talker on the phone but I do love to text so I try and keep in contact that way. But even with all that I feel like I don't talk to 2/3'ds of my friends on a regular bases and I don't like that.

So what is the solution? Stop making friends? Pick and choose which ones I keep up with? I don't know. I do know that in the past I'd say about 75% of the friendships I did have I would give 90% and they would return 10% in regards to keeping in touch, hanging out and such. But I will not be doing that anymore. If a friendship is worth having then both parties need to give 100% each to that friendship. I mean I know there are times when one or the other will be super busy but a friendship is made up of two people.

I love writing this blog as it really lets me write out my thoughts and when looking at them I ask myself am I just over thinking this.. a friendship shouldn't be work.. it should just happen and be enjoyed. I don't know.. I don't know if there really is a solution. All I can do is try my best at keeping up with those that are closest to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Bro-Date

Love my weekly Bro-dates with my buddy Robert. Each week we get together grab some dinner (pizza, taco bell or italtian) and watch a TV series he has not seen and that I am rewatching and totally love. We started with Firefly and now have moved on to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We are currently on Season 2 and tonight was watched episodes "Lie to Me", "The Dark Age" and "What's My Line Pt.1".

I loved Buffy when I first saw it and as the season progresses it just gets better and better. Robert seems to be liking it, which is cool. It's fun watching something that I love and being able to see it through someone else's eyes. It's going to take us 11 months to go through all seven seasons but it's going to be a fun ride.

Afterwards I crashed at Robert's place since he lives so close to my job and it's saves me the stress of my hellish commute the next morning. But besides that I really enjoy just lie there in a dark room chatting about life. Robert and I have always been able to really talk about anything. So I love getting some uninterrupted one on one time.

Prefect ending to a perfect Bro-Date.

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 22 & 23

Age 22
Age 23
Here are two more pictures... this time its Age 22 and Age 23.

My Age 22 picture was taken while in San Fransisco for the first time. I went with my good friend Lisa. We spent a week up there and it was a ton of fun. And yes those are my round sunglasses.

For my Age 23 picture it's a picture of me at my job (Mervyn's). I was with that company for about eight years before I graduated from collage and moved to Hollywood to pursue my career in the Entertainment industry.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Work, War, & William

Well it's labor day and I had to work. Since we are a bit behind on our edit our co-ep asked for the editors to come in and work and since they had to come in, it meant I had to come in just in cast they needed something. Of course I didn't have a thing to do all day so instead I brought in my podcast hard drive and hooked it up to one of my work avids and actually edited an entire episode of my MASH podcast.. well before the 15th due date... woo hoo.

After work I headed over to North Hollywood to have dinner with my bestie Will. Will and I haven't really talked or seen each other in over six weeks. That's crazy long for us not to hang out. Neither of us really had a reason. It's not like we didn't want to hang out but our schedules never meshed. We had a lot to catch up on and we had some awesome talks about some hairy janky planks (inside joke).

We had dinner at Chevy's which again it had been a while since I had been there. Good food, great company and a fun evening was had. Hopefully another six weeks won't pass by without us hanging out.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

No Podcasting

After getting home from Josh's, I picked up some El Pollo Loco for lunch and went home and caught up on some TV. For the first time in a month I don't have any pressing podcasts that have to be edited or released the next day. And since I didn't have really anything to do I actually went to bed at 8:30pm. I don't think I've gone to bed that early in years but I was just so tired and I deserve to get some rest from time to time.  I'm not getting a three day weekend but I did have a nice, kind of relaxing weekend.

Wonderful Morning

I spent the night at my buddy Josh's place, since we watched Spaced until the wee hours last night.

So this morning we woke up and just laid there in bed chatting, laughing, napping and just enjoying the morning together. It was so nice to not do anything and just hang with my best friend. Planned to leave around 10 but stayed until around 11:30am before heading home.

Since Josh lives so far away from me we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. He is also in collage, works part time and preforms in plays from time to time so his free time is very limited. So when we do hang out we try to make them epic visits... and this one was defiantly an epic visit.

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 20 & 21

Age 20
Age 21
And it continues.. I hope you guys are enjoying this look down memory lane. It's fun for me to see how much I have changed over the years. I realize that my Age 20 picture really isn't me at 20 since I had a mustache until I was 22/23. Oh well it's close enough. I really didn't change much in the 20's. BTW we are halfway through this little experiment. 21 days down, 21 days left to go.