Tuesday, September 4, 2012

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 22 & 23

Age 22
Age 23
Here are two more pictures... this time its Age 22 and Age 23.

My Age 22 picture was taken while in San Fransisco for the first time. I went with my good friend Lisa. We spent a week up there and it was a ton of fun. And yes those are my round sunglasses.

For my Age 23 picture it's a picture of me at my job (Mervyn's). I was with that company for about eight years before I graduated from collage and moved to Hollywood to pursue my career in the Entertainment industry.

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  1. omg I worked at Mervyn's too. I hated that company. We probably didn't overlap the years we worked for them but I came in at the very end before they went bankrupt and that place was a corporate scam if I ever saw one. Hopefully it was a little nicer when you worked htere.