Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mel's BBQ Extravaganza

So I've heard about the "infamous" Mel's BBQ the past few years as several of my friends have attended and I've always been slightly jealous as they always sound amazing. And even though Mel and I shared 80+ friends on Facebook we never actually met in person until I started going to NerdStrong Gym which he also attends. So needless to say I was super excited when I got the Facebook invite to his 7th Annual Mel's BBQ. I immediately said yes and didn't care what I had planned for the day (luckily there was nothing).  

After workout I headed home, showered, changed and headed over to my friend Andrew's place as he was driving a group of us over to the party.. this way I could drink. Joining us for the ride over was fellow NerdStronger Liz, Lauren and Meg. We squeezed into Andrew's Prius and made out way into Hollywood. We stopped off at a BevMo to pick up some supplies (I grabbed a large bottle of Fireball Whiskey) to add to the bottle of Butter Shots that I brought from home.

We parked across the street from Mel's building (Boom Studios) because Lauren works in the building and had a parking card (saved us time and money.. thanks Lauren). We got to the party and it was in full swing.

I ran into Marla and Andrew at the bar, Marla has several bottles of this unknown liquid. Come to find out that her brother is a mixologist and he made these for the party. Of course I had to try one, it was tequila mixed with a bunch of juices and it was extremely tasty. Found a few of my friends and said hello but I spent the majority of my time with my NerdStrong family. There were quite a few of us there and since they really didn't know anyone else they all kind of stuck together.

I did several shots of the Fireball and was feeling great. My goal was to get drunk (as it has been a while) and since I was not driving this was the prefect opportunity to take advantage of it. But I didn't want to drink so much that I would pass out and/or forget what happens.

In the end I think I did a pretty good job at balancing it all. Of course I had friends helping me by telling me to drink water before having another drink... or to eat this first before drinking more... my friends are awesome.

The BBQ was a success, I got drunk, but the fun kind of drunk. I got to see friends I hadn't seen in a while. I got to see my NerdStrong family outside of NerdStrong and I have to say they are all pretty awesome people. I got to meet Jenna Busch who I have admired for years and I also got to meet Derek Theler who plays Danny Wheeler on ABC Family's comedy Baby Daddy. Danny is my favorite character and I didn't realize how tall he was.. he towered over me.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but I did go around and grab selfies with those I found. Luckily Mel had a photo booth set up so I got quite a few amazing pictures with friends there. You can check out more photos HERE on my Facebook Album.

Overall this BBQ lived up to and surpassed all the hype. Great food with great friends leads to a great time. Thanks Mel for the invite... can't wait for next year. 

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  1. I'm glad you got to attend the bbq! One of these days I will be as cool as you. ;)