Sunday, May 31, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - 1 Gross of Squats, Sit Ups & Push Ups

Since I took off yesterday I was very happy to be back at NerdStrong Gym.

For a warm up coach Andrew lead us on a run around the parking lot but a quarter way through he made us turn around and run backwards, and then on the corner we side stepped around the corner before resuming our regular run. We went into the gym and did some band stretching.

The workout is all about Squats, Sit Ups and Push Ups. We had a choice. We could do this solo which would be 12 rounds of 12x Squats, 12x Sit Ups and 12x Push Ups. Or you could partner up and do 24 rounds of 6x Squats, 6x Sit Ups and 6x Push Ups. Regardless of which one you did in the end you did a total of 144 Squats, 144 Sit Ups and 144 Push Ups.

I opted to team up with my friend Lauren, we've teamed up in the past and have worked pretty well together. We named our team.. Team Baggins, both of us being Lord of the Rings fans. For the first five rounds we did the workouts together and finished 10 of the 24 reps. We then started to do one at a time, Lauren would do a set and I'd rest and then I'd do a set while she rested. We had a time limit of 30 minutes and we got done with all 24 sets with a few minutes to spare. It was a pretty great workout. You don't realize that you are doing 144 of each of these things. The rest in between and the fact that your only doing 6 at a time really helps breaking down that number.

It was a great workout, one I can see doing again for a Friday open gym workout. Lauren and I rocked it. She was faster with the sit ups but I'd beat her with the push ups. We were ideally matched.

It was a huge turnout for this morning class.. one of the largest we've had yet. It's exciting that NerdStrong is becoming more and more popular but also at the same time I'd love for it to stay this small close knit family.

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