Friday, June 5, 2015

As You Wish & Come On Down

This is my third day of cancelling my NerdStrong class. It's tough not going but I know that even though I may feel slightly better I'm still sick and need to rest (or at least rest as much as I can).

I dragged myself into the office and I felt okay with the help of Dayqual and cough drops. It was a crazy day at work but luckily I didn't have to do to much walking around and spent the majority of the time working from my computer.

I'm normally not into "Precious Moments" figures but I saw this one and I could see myself buying it. It's titled "As You Wish" and if you are a geek you should know instantly from what movie it's from. Yep.. it's a Princess Bride Precious Moments figurine... How awesome is that!! I mean it's not worth paying $100 for it but it's still pretty nice.

When I got home from work I immediately went to my Tivo to watch this mornings The Price is Right game show. A few months back my friend Will and Becca announced on their Facebook that we couldn't miss this episode. They went with a group of their friends and "something" happened. They wouldn't tell us what so I was looking forward to seeing it. Of course I assumed one of them was told to "come on down" and I was right. The final contestant to "come on down" was my buddy Will. He had one chance to to bid and get on stage and guess what.. he did. He was the closest bidder for the trampoline and won. He is now on stage with Drew Cary, and Drew asks "what do we have to William" and the announcer says....  A NEW CAR!!!

Luckily Will got a fairly easy game, if you know the prices of cars. It was the card game. He first had to pull a card from a deck and that would be the amount he can miss without going over. He drew $2000, so he had to come within $2000 and not go over to win. They start the price at $15,000 and then he started to pull cards.. the first one was something like $500 so his new balance is $15,500. He then pulled an Ace which meant he could make it any amount. He made the total $18,000 and stopped. Drew open the envelope and announced that the price of the car was $19,932 (or something close to that). He was within the $2000 which meant Will just won a brand new car!!! It was fun watching him go crazy with excitement.

He then went and spun the big wheel to win a spot on the showcase showdown, unfortunately he couldn't get enough to beat the person before him so his time on The Price is Right was over... or so I thought. At the end for the showcase showdown one of the prizes was a boat and sure enough in the boat was Will dancing along with the other contestants who didn't make it to the showdown.

It was fun watching a friend win big like that. It couldn't have happens to a better person. You know the expression "Nice Guys Finish Last". Will is the exception to the rule.

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