Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Handstands and Sprints

Today's workout started with a good warm up. With the bigger gym we can actually do everything inside, with exception to running. That's really good for the cold mornings. 

We started the workout with a Skill and it's one of my favorites... Handstands. I've always been able to do handstands and back in my youth I was even able to walk around on them... though I can't do that.. yet. I am able to get up with ease and impress my fellow NerdStrongers. So that's always nice.

After we did our 4 handstands we moved on to L-Sit which were alot tougher.. not because they are hard, they just take a lot of core strength which I'm still working on improving. We went back and forth between Handstands Holds and L-Sits for about 15 minutes. What was really awesome is that there were several NerdStronger who had never done a handstand before and today they accomplished it for the first time.

Once we were done with the Skill move we moved on to the main workout... this was a good one. We started with Sprinting 100m then coming back into the gym and planking for :30 seconds before doing another 100m Sprint. Once done with the second sprint we come back and do 10x Dumbbell Strict Press and with the 10th press they had use hold it for :15 seconds. We went back out for our third and final 100m Sprint before coming back in and doing a Wall Sit for :30 seconds. The point of this was to get our heart rate up and then come back in and try and regulate it back down before getting back up again and so on.

The first round wasn't to taxing but we had to do this another 2 times for a total of 3 rounds. When I got to the final Wall Sit coaches requested that instead of the :30 second hold that we hold for as long as we can. I did barely over :30 seconds as my legs weren't having any more of it.

This was a fun workout, tough at times but fun as are most of the NerdStrong workouts. Thanks to coach Blair and coach Andrew for getting us through it.

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