Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Madder Max

Today's CON class was one of the toughest classes that we have done in a long time. It's titled Madder Max and is a scaled up version of a workout we did last weekend and that workout was pretty tough as well.

It started with a nice warm up, nothing to crazy just lots of banded work and then we got into the actual workout.

We started with a 20 Calorie Row, then moved on to 50x Weighted Sit Ups, 40x Push Ups and 30x Weighted Overhead Walking Lunges. While we did these every minute on the minute we had to stop what we were doing and do 3 Burpees. I lost count on how many Burpees we actually did.

The row was easy enough, though stopping and getting off to the burpees every minute wasn't fun. I was good with the first 30 or so weighed sit ups but after that I would try and get five or so sit ups in before I had to do the burpees. The first 20 or so push ups were fine but I struggled to finish and even took a step down and did my final ten with my knees on the ground. I think I skipped a set of burpees during the push ups as I just couldn't bring myself to standing up. The weighted over head lunges were the toughest part for me as both of my knees are not doing well. Since high school and running track my knees have been an problem. Doing multiple lunges over and over again wasn't good for them, but I persisted and got my 30 lunges done. 

The burpee EMOM ended with the lunges as we moved on to doing 200 jump rope and then finally 2x laps around the parking lot, about 500 meters.

Luckily I can jump rope so it wasn't that bad.. I stopped at around 100 jumps and took a breather.. I then proceeded to do another 50.. stopped.. and then finished with 2 sets of 25. The run was more of a slow jog. When I crossed the finish line I was exhausted and sweating like crazy but I never once felt dizzy or faint. I contribute that to pacing myself better and not gong ho-ing at the beginning and having nothing at the end.

When the final person finished coach Blair had a sweet, sweet dessert for us (as he called it)... TABATA Planks. He said we didn't have to do them, but no one was going to be the one person not doing them so everyone got down and did a :20 second plank & :10 second rest eight times. 

It was a tough but good workout. In the middle of it you're not sure how you will finished but someone you always do and when you do, you can't help but feel great at your accomplishment.

Thanks coach Blair for another crazy CON day!!!

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