Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Wow.. where did this day go? Tried to motivate myself to work on some podcasts and that didn't happen to instead I did some house cleaning. I love having a clean house, it's surprising how dirty one person can make a house. I spent a few hours cleaning the inside of the house and then spent a half hour walking around the outside of the house picking up debris that the winds brought over.

Surfed the internet for a bit but the big thing tonight that I was looking forward to was watching the 3rd episode of Once Upon A Time. I've been loving this series and tonight's episode was just as great as the first two. In episode 2 we got to see the back story of the Evil Queen and I love that she showed that does have a heart but in the end revenge is more powerful then the love she had for her father. In episode 3 I love the chemistry between the actors who portray Snow and Charming, even in the real world they are connected. I enjoyed getting to see Snow White's back story a bit and her first encounter with Prince Charming (as she names him). Other great news about this series is that the rating are holding.. and it was picked up for a full season.. so we are going to at least get one full season of Once Upon A Time.

Can't wait to see more of this fantastic fairy tale / fantasy series.

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