Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Comic Con - Day One

Woke up this morning and realized that I had not packed my camera battery charger and in fact couldn't find it. I tore through my house looking as I couldn't go to con without a camera but had no luck.

I picked up Chris from the airport and on our way back to my place I picked up Dallas. I had planned to leave around 10am but because I didn't have my camera battery charger I postponed the trip and continued to look for the charger. I finally gave up and figured I'd use my iPhone camera to take pixs. It wasn't a great way to start con. But Dallas saw how disappointed I was in not having my real camera so he offered me to use his... Thanks Dallas.

We got on the road around 11am and drove for about two and a half hours before stopping in San Clemente to grab some lunch a Del Taco. We were still 60 miles away and started to get into the San Diego traffic. It would be another two hours before we made it to our hotel.

Once there we checked in and made our way to our room. The room was an okay size with two double beds, but the view was amazing. Dallas joined us in our room since he's hotel "roommates" were not here yet. We chilled for a half hour before heading to con to get our badges. Dallas was staying behind to wait for his roommates while Chris and I decided to walk to con. The hotel is just a 1.4 miles away but in the hot sun it feels like a million miles.

When we got to the convention center it was packed (as usual). We found our way into the professional line which was really short compared to last year. We actually stood behind Yaya Han, she's a "celebrity" cosplayer and is also on Heroes of Cosplay. Just from what I could hear and see she didn't seem that nice. Once in we got our badges and bags (I got 3 Supernatural bags). We still had a few hours to kill before the preview night began at 6:30pm.

Chris left me to find other friends (to work on his "secret" project). So I sat on the outside of con waiting for my buddy Thomas to arrive. While there I ran into guildie/friend Jennifer, we chatted for a few. I also tweeted to see if anyone wanted to exchange SDCC bags, as I mentioned I had gotten three Supernatural bags but I really wanted The Flash or Arrow bags. A few friends said they were willing the exchange with me.. just have to meet up at some point.

Thomas arrived around 6:15ish and we went inside and made our way through the maze upstairs to get to the main floor.

Soon as I walked in and was hit by the crowds of people I was ready to head back to my hotel. It was a mad house. So many people, so many lines. I went to the Entertainment Earth booth and the line was ridiculous so I moved one to the Funko booth and I couldn't even get close there were so many people. Those were the only two places that had exclusives that I was hoping to get. Maybe I'll have better luck in the coming days.

Thomas and I roamed the halls and I surprisingly ran into a bunch a friends. As I mentioned above I ran into Jennifer in front of the con and at the hotel I saw my buddies Jared and Ariel. On the con floor I ran into Anne, Nicki, Doug, Dallas, Chris, Brett, Kim, Katie, Luis, Bel, Becca, Rebecca, Steve, Matt, Jamie, Elie, Red 5, Keri and someone who spent the majority of the night walking around with me Eva.

I also got to meet Gabe, we worked together on The Guild season five but never officially met. We started chatting on Facebook a year or so ago and I was really looking forward to finally meeting him in person. He was working one of the booths.

During my travels on the con floor I was asked multiple times if I wanted to trade my Supernatural bag for another one.  I had already offered to trade with several friends but I did have one more to trade. One young lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my Supernatural for her The Following bag. I said I was really hoping for The Flash or Arrow and she walked away disappointed. About an hour later she found me in the middle of all this craziness and had a Flash bag and asked if I would trade her now. Of course she put so much effort into it I couldn't say no and traded her bags.

9:30pm came around and preview night had come to an end. Dallas, Brett, Chris, Luis and I went to Ralphs to pick up some food/dinner for the evening. Dallas, Brett, Luis and I headed back to the hotel to crash while Chris ran off into the city for some more evening fun.

I spent the evening in my hotel room alone eating a pre-cooked chicken that I had purchased from Ralphs and watching the local news before calling it a night.

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