Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Fun D&D (Pathfinder) Session

Today was another fun filled D&D (Pathfinder) session. Here's what happen (Thanks Dallas for writing this up)

After taking an arrow to the face, Nilius raised his hand and raised the dead bugbears and Lorn Armin as zombies. The party took care of them handily but it gave the dread necromancer a chance to escape. At Percy’s urging, the party and the escaped Halflings made their way across the river to the “Short Quarter” of Greenfallow where Halflings had been living even before humans had built Orthstaden.

Percy gave the party a place to bed down for the night while the dwarves retrieved their packs and pets from the castle. The other Halflings assured the party they’d send for the sheriff in the morning and took the toddlers in hand. Percy and the others had been kidnapped for about three weeks and while there was some spoiled food, he put together an evening before they retired.

The party awoke late mid-day to a steel-gray sky and soon made their way to the ruined cathedral where Percy thought they might find Nilius. They met a Halfling sorting bones in a charnel house named Digger who offered to lead them to his boss Linus. Ginneon pointed out that the names were similar and Digger mused that his boss – the Royal Mortifer – could indeed be a necromancer.

The party got attacked by ghouls and a gargoyle at the entrance and faced their biggest threats from rust monsters and shadows within but when faced with Linus himself, the party soon learned that Digger had been Nilius all along and Linus was just his mind-shattered puppet. He summoned his pets – two huge flesh golems – and disappeared.

Weakened by the shadows, the flesh golems proved to be handy foes and for several seconds, the party could hear Nilius’ voice echoing through the cathedral as he worked various spells but the fruits of his labor were not known until the skeletons rushed in to attack!

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