Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie Marathon Weekend (Day 3)

Day three started around 7:30am, as least that is when I woke up. I didn't actually get out of bed until 8:30am. I actually texted Chris, who was sleeping on my office to see if he was awake and if he had been out to see who else was awake. He told me that everyone looked to be up, or at least awake so I got up, took a shower and headed out. Everyone looked as if they had a not-so-good sleep. I went to make breakfast. Started with potatoes as they tend to take the longest and I make a ton of them. I had 15 hungry people to feed. Will had to leave for Church and made himself a quick breakfast. I also made 2 dozen eggs, three packages of sausages and two packs of bacon. Chris knows how much I hate making bacon so he took it upon himself to get that cooked. With only a few more minutes left in cooking I noticed that my gas range flames were really low. Then it hit me that I'm running out of propane, I had checked it a few months back and it was at 20%, but with all these parties (ie showers) and having the heater on a lot I guess I went thought the gas faster then I expected and now my tank was empty. And with an empty propane tank means no hot water, no heater and no gas stove. The really sucky part is that it's a Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday so I can't even call to order more propane until Tuesday. I did finish cooking the sausages on my outside burner on my grill and luckily everything else got done before the gas went completely out. And the majority of my guests took their showers earlier so not many had to take cold showers.

Anyways we all had a great breakfast while watching our traditional breakfast movie, Galaxy Quest. After Galaxy Quest and Breakfast the 15 of us went to Vasquez Rocks for a hike. Again this is the most we've ever had at one of these hikes. Also Chris did not want to lead this one and volunteered Olivia to lead. It was a bit of a struggle at the beginning as we had "new" folks who had never been to Vasquez and weren't really hikers but then we had folks who couldn't help but climb steep rocks and take the hardest route. So we split up several times which really wasn't my plan, but I did have some of my favorite people in my group. Chris, Jes, Scott, Aaron, Rupert, Kevin, Matt and Jennifer L. We meet up with the other group toward our final leg of the hike and that was fun having the full 15 of use together hiking.

After hiking we headed back to my place for some folks to pick up their cars before we headed to Islands for our traditional lunch. Again because we were such a big party we had to split into two. Lunch was a lot of fun and then three from our party had to take off. We said goodbye to Scott, Matt and Jennifer L.

The rest of use headed back to my place for some xbox Fruit Ninja. Our numbers went from 15 to 12 remaining party goers. By this time it was already 5pm and we had a drawing for Back to the Future gifts that Dallas had brought. So I wrote every one's name down on a piece of paper and put them in my Jayne hat and we drew a name one at a time and that winner would be able to pick from the prizes until they were all claimed. Funny enough Jes pulled my name out first and I grabbed the Delorean from the 3rd movie. After the drawing Jes needed to get started on her six hour trek home. We were now down to 11 folks. We played Fruit Ninja for about an hour before Kevin, Doug and Aaron had to get going. Our party went from 11 to 8.

So the incident that happened last night between two of my guests flared up again and before we knew it they were arguing just behind us as we played Fruit Ninja trying to drown our their voices. Finally after a half hour I couldn't take it anymore and ask them if they were going to continue to argue to please have the courtesy to go into one of my bedrooms, which they did for another half hour. At this point I was not in a good mood. This isn't how I wanted to end such a great and fun weekend. Luckily one of them came to me and apologized, which was very sincere so it lessened my bad mood.

Soon Dallas, Ashphord and Jennifer C. headed home, leaving just five of us. Me, Chris, Rupert, Olivia and Anthony. We all rearranged my living spaces and got everything back into place. 3 of the 5 remaining folks are big Once Upon a Time fans and since it was Sunday and a new episode just recorded on my DVR we all sat in the TV room and watched it. After the fantastic new episode we went back and watched the first two episodes of the series, since several had not seen them and I have all the episode still on my DVR. I also made some mini tacos and taquitos for a quick dinner. It was a fun way to end the evening. Rupert left but Anthony, Chris and Olivia stayed the night.. meaning this party was going to continue into Monday.

Check out all the photos HERE

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