Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 1 - San Diego Comic Con

After the great workout I headed back to the hotel and got ready for the con. Doors opened at 10am and since I kind of gave up on getting into the Funko line I just wanted until a few minutes after 10 so I could just walk right onto the floor. I spent a few hours walking around the sales floor with various friends. Around noon I headed back to the hotel with my brother and we grabbed some lunch at the hotel before I helped him into his WheelJack cosplay. We then made our way back to the con very slowly as Michael was getting stopped left and right for pictures.

I had to leave my brother surrounded in a crowd of people a little after 2:30pm so I head upstairs to find where the NerdStrong panel was going to be. There wasn't a line (yet) so I found a place to sit and ran into some fellow Nerdstrong buddies who were also there for the panel. At 3 we decided to head back to the room to see if we could get into the earlier panel to get a good seat and sure enough we were able to get in. The panel before was about Nerd Travel and funny enough a fellow NerdStronger was on that panel as well. It was an enjoyable and informative panel.

4 o'clock came and the room filled up. I had to go to the bathroom and when I exited there was a huge line around the corner of people trying to get in. Luckily I did my business and was able to tell them that I just stepped out to go to the bathroom so they let me back in without having to wait in that long line. The NerdStrong panel was packed and it was fantastic. It's so awesome to see so many geeks/nerds interested in getting fit. Of course the number one question during the panel was pretty much the same question during their Wondercon panel.. "when is NerdStrong opening up in my area". That seems to be the question from all who learn about NerdStrong. But as they say it's a complicated question. Sure they can get funding to open up more gyms and they can mimic the amazing workouts.. but NerdStrong is so much more then just a gym.. it's a community. It's the coaches enthusiasm and love for what they do. That is the part that will be hard to replicate.

After the panel I headed back out and walked the floor until it closed at 7. Went back to the hotel to re-group and then headed out to the Syfy Cafe for dinner. This year the Syfy Cafe is themed with it's new series starting in December called The Expanse. The food is always the same year after year and expensive but it's always tasty. Joining me for dinner was Chris, Hayley, Scott, Joe, Hayden, Steve, Dallas, Red, Elea, Brett, Aaron, and my brother Michael. It was a good time.

Once dinner was over the group of us headed over to the Hilton for the Boom!! Studio party. This is an open party for all con goers. We got there when it first started so it was a bit slow so we went outback to the patio area and hung out for a bit. I was tired so I called it a night and my brother joined me. Got back to the hotel and chatted with Mike for a bit before calling it a night around midnight.

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