Monday, January 23, 2012

A Healthier Me - Day 1 (Starting Over)

Well today started out with power going out for about four hours. It finally came back on and stayed on around 10:30am. Today is the beginning of my new outlook on life (see previous blog). Had some oatmeal for breakfast and made some chicken breasts and rice for lunch and I had planned to work out earlier in the day. Well it was harder then I expected motivating myself to actually do anything. I wanted to work on my next MASH 4077 Podcast as well as my Alien Nation podcast but really struggled with getting started. I kept pushing off my working out and podcasting and instead caught up on some TV that I had recorded. I also broke down and had 3 Oreo cookies for a snack. For dinner I kept it very light as I wasn't that hungry and made a PB&J sandwich. I'm keeping a food journal as well and debated on posting on my blog because I know I would be embarrassed if you guys actually saw what I was eating everyday. Still might do it but for now I'll keep it to myself and see if it helps me eat better... if not I will be posting for all to see and hope that will keep m in line.

I did do my workout around 9pm and it was actually a really good one, especially since I haven't worked out in over a year.

Since it's Monday I weight myself this morning 209

Today's Workout:

15 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

3 sets of 10 on the chest fly for my chest (75 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the curl arm for my biceps (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the back leg press (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the free weight (110 lbs)

Working out is going to be easy for me. I love doing it as I love seeing the results. My only issue is if  I get sick I can't let that derail me from my program. Food on the other hand will be the hardest thing for me to change and control.. wish me luck. My plan is to get below 200 my March. That's nine pounds in 5 weeks... it's going to be tough but I need tough so I stick with my plan.

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  1. The trick for me with snacking is just don't have it in the house! If it's not around you can't eat it. It's much easier to stop yourself from going to the store and buying something then it is to not eat it if it's staring at you in the face :)