Thursday, August 9, 2012

NEW!! The Geek Roundtable Logo

So today my buddy Ken Todd, who created/drew my Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast Logo as well as my Confessions of a Fanboy podcast logo did it again. Here is the unveiling of my sixth and newest podcast The Geek Roundtable Logo. I think it turned out pretty awesome. I came up with the idea and Ken brought my idea to fruition. Ken doesn't ask for payment, he does these because he enjoys my podcasts and is simply an AWESOME guy. One day when I am actually making money at this thing called Podcasting I'll be able to repay him for his creations.

Life has been a bit hectic as of late and I was hoping to get this podcast up and off the ground a few months back.. and to be honest I've had this podcast idea and have been trying to do something with it since October of 2010. But it is getting close and I'm hoping to record the first few episodes in the coming months. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. Thanks all who support me and my podcasts.

Ken also drew this incredible picture of me for my 40th birthday.. he's such a fantastic artist.

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