Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Guild is Back!!!

Today was Day 2 or Season Six of The Guild shoot but my first day on set. With this new job it has limited me to only going to set on the weekend which means I'll only be there six of the 15 day shoot. This is a bummer but I'm still going to be able to get all the interviews and I need I just won't be there to witness they being shot.

We were at Felicia's house shooting some scenes. I got there around 9am and they had just begun. I headed to the production office which was Bladezz's garage but has been converted into the new Geek and Sundry Office which Felicia films the series The Flog as well as Told By A Kid series.

In this room was wardrobe, makeup and production. It was also very hot outside and this was air conditioned so the cast would come hang out in between shots.

I didn't plan to record any interviews today since this was the first day of shooting for the cast members so today I was there just to observe and enjoy my Guildie family.

Guild director Sean Becker (Seasons 2 - 5) was not able to join us for Season 6 so we have a new director. The majority of the other crew members were from past seasons. New director meant a new vibe on set. It wasn't bad but it was different.

I would go on set and watch a few scenes here and there but I spent the majority of my time in the "Production Office" Visiting with friends and hanging with cast members.

Obviously I can't say anything about season six but fans are in for a real treat. Lots of great things ahead.

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  1. Felicia brings new meaning to the words "garage band." LOL Dang, she's savvy!