Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanging with My Guild

Today is day 3 of The Guild Season Six and my second day on set. Once again we are at Felicia's house shooting with the same three actors who were here yesterday as well as one new one later in the day.

Once again I spent the majority of my day in the production offices with visits to the set to watch hilarious scenes unfold. But unlike yesterday I did manage to get some interviews for my future companioncast. I did them in the production offices and it was so loud but from comments in the past people tend to like all the chaos happening behind the scenes.

Had lots of fun in the offices today.. as the day progress the jokes get more and more crass. I got to chat with Felicia during lunch which is always fun.

In the Geek and Sundry office there are loads of Guild DVD's and comic books and Felicia was kind enough to let me do a bit of "shopping" since I still hadn't gotten the DVD of Season 5 of The Guild or the latest Fawkes comic book. I also got both trade paper backs.. woo hoo.

So it was another fun and productive day on set of The Guild season six. I won't be back to set until next weekend but I'm expecting it to be a ton of fun with I return.

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