Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adventures on the 405

A few hours before going home today my AE asked if I took the 405 home because there was a jacked knife big rig that spilled it's gas all over the freeway and they have closed the the north bound side completely. It was going to take hours to clean up and after the crazy week I actually had the opportunity to get of work a bit early.  I debated on just waiting here at work until it opened back up or braving it and trying to find an alternate route.

Well I wanted to go home and do nothing so I opted to try and find another route. I started driving to Beverly Glen, which goes through the Hollywood hills and exit into the valley where I could pick up another freeway to get home. Well it took me about a half hour just to get to Beverly Glen and when I go there it looked like everyone had the same idea and it was bumper to bumper. I sat there for about five minutes before I gave up and turned around. Headed down Santa Monica Blvd and activated my GPS hoping to find another way. I noticed that a few of the side streets were not crowded and I could still get to Beverly Glen from a different direction. That planned worked and I got to Beverly Glen in no time. Started to head up the hill and it was great, there was traffic but it wasn't bumper to bumper until I got towards the peak of the hill and then it was dead stop. I sat there in traffic for about an hour going only a few miles. I was tired and frustrated as this was my one day when I had nothing planned and I could just go home and chill.

Making a long story, less long. I got over the hill, made my way to the 101 to the 405 (just after the closure), hit the 5 then the 14 and finally got home around 9:30pm. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get home tonight. Only stayed up an hour and watched some TV before calling it a night and just wanting to end this day.

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