Saturday, August 18, 2012

On Set of The Guild

This is my second weekend on set of Season Six of The Guild.  My friend Nicki spent the night as well as Brian since both were going to set during the weekend and I actually live closer to set then both of them. Brian was crew and had to be up super early but Nicki and I, though had an early call time it wasn't as early as Brian's. We drove to set together and again I can't really say anything as to what happen. I think it's okay if I say that I was an extra once again. I mean I've been an extra in Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5 and now 6. Got to interview some folks and over all had a great time.

Afterwards a group (mostly Geek Mob) went out to a local Denny's for some much needed dinner. Had a larger group heading back to my place tonight. Nicki and Brian who were already staying with me and now Jen and Dallas were crashing at my place as well. Brian has to stay on set and do some more work so after dinner Jen and Nicki headed to my place and Dallas drove with me. But before we could head home I had to drop by his place for him to pick up some stuff.  His place isn't exactly in the direction of my place, but he is car-less and I figured since he was coming back to set the next day he might as well crash with us and then come back down with us tomorrow.

When I made the offer I wasn't so tired but once the shoot day was over and we had just had some dinner I was extremely tired and just wanted to get home so I wasn't in the best of moods. But me being me I keep my word and headed to Dallas' place. No problem getting there and it took only minutes for him to pack up and be back to my jeep.  We headed to the freeway and of course the on ramp to the freeway was closed so I had to go to the next one and my gps took me some wacky way and I wound up trying to make a left turn with no light and tons of cross traffic... needless to say that this didn't help my mood. Finally a nice guy actually allowed me pull in front of him and make my turn. Got on the freeway and it was a clear shot home. But the funny thing is Jen and Nicki actually took the wrong freeway and went about 15 minutes out of their way before turning around and getting on the right freeway. So they only got home about 20 minutes before us.

I got everyone settled in to where they were going to sleep and went to bed.. had to be up early for another fun shoot day.

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