Monday, August 13, 2012

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday

Here's my first picture... Day 1 - Age 1
Today is 42 days from my 42nd birthday. My bestie Jes was going to do 30 pictures until her 30th birthday and I loved the idea...  but she never started it. So now that my birthday is coming up I wanted to do something similar for my 42nd birthday. But since I already did a picture of day in May I wanted to do something different and it hit me.. why not post a picture a day for 42 days but instead of them being everyday pictures I'll do pictures of me growing up. So Day 1 would be Age 1, Day 2, Age 2 and so on.

I have quite a few pictures of me as a baby/kid but I don't know my exact age in these pictures but I'm going to do my best to try and find ones that represent the age with the day. I think this can be a fun project. Everyone seemed to like my last Pic a Day in May so I hope folks enjoy watching me grow up into the man I am today.

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