Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Long Day

Today was such a long day.. longest I've ever had at this new gig. Got up around 6:30, worked on my MASH podcast a bit to finish it up as it was being released at midnight tonight. Got into work around 10:30  because I was expecting a late night.. just not as late as it went. It wasn't stressful or hard work it was just alot of waiting. We were sending out our very first episode of this new series I'm working on to the network and it had to be perfect. We were told we would be getting the cut at 9pm but instead we didn't get it until midnight and then it took a few hours to process and upload.

I was beyond tired when I finally headed home and just as my luck would have it they were doing some construction on the 405 (which isn't new, they been doing work on it for years) but the bad part was they had stopped traffic for some reason and I sat there for 20 minutes in dead stop traffic. I finally got home around 2:30am but couldn't go to sleep until the email with the link to the cut was sent to me and I could send it to the network brass. That arrived at 3am and I forwarded the email and went to bed as I needed to be back to work by 10:30 for a meeting.

Thank goodness this isn't the norm..

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