Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BroDate with Robert

Tonight after another long day at work I went over to by buddies house to watch Buffy. Since Robert moved we've had to put our Buffy rewatch/1st time watcher on hold. But now that he's settled into his new place we're able to pick it up again.. yay.

The other cool think is he now lives about 15 minutes away from my work so I got to his place around 8pm. He ordered pizza and wings and we chowed down and begin watching the first of two episodes of Buffy for tonight. First up was The Puppet Show, which was a fun first season episode and then Nightmares which was a fun episode in which Robert replied "this is one of the weirdest episodes". We could have done another episode but I really wanted to get home because I had to finish editing the next My Gimpy Life companioncast.

So I'm not sure how I got home, as I was so tired but I got home around 11pm and along the way got calls and texts from work, we were outputting our very first episode to the network and we were having issues. So when I got home I had to deal with that and try and finish this podcast. I spent the next 2 hours dealing with work issues and finishing the next My Gimpy Life podcast.

By 1am the output was done and sent to the network and episode 102 of My Gimpy Life podcast is finished and uploading. I didn't bother to wait while it uploaded.. I'll just post it tomorrow morning when I get up... off to bed I go.

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  1. Wait, I assume this is Robert's first time through Buffy? The first season has it's nice moments, but I'll be interested to see what Robert thinks of the full, second season.

    They're certainly working you a lot with the new job! Hopefully the kinks are worked out after the first episode.