Thursday, October 8, 2015

LARPs The Series, Season Two Begins

Season two of one of my favorite webseries has started, "LARPs the Series". Season one was so much fun and so entertaining that I contributed to their kickstarter campaign for season two and it's finally started today. They released two episodes.. well a prologue and episode one.

First was the prologue and it was extra special with some very cool special effects. I thought.. wow they really up'd their budget but then you find out it's a dream of Arthur. You also find out that he has a new character and he just made a huge mistake. I also want to point out that their new title opening is pretty fantastic.

They also released episode one, first let me say that I am thrilled that the episodes this season are longer (that was one of the few complaints I had about last season). The episode starts off with us finding out that Kat and Will have broken up but their characters are still lovers in game which makes for some awkward moments. We find out that Shane is a "Spy" of sorts, she's a reporter who has infiltrated the Larping team and is writing about them. So it's not anything horrible but the team doesn't know she is doing it (yet). Will gets a job at a coffee house with a crazy over the top owner/manager. We meet a new character Alex who is friends with Shane and knows she is writing stories about the Larping team but she's extremely excited to be joining. And through her eyes we are being taught how to larp (which I find very cool).

Everything just feels grander.. I mean I thought the acting, camera work, music and stories were great in season one but season two feels bigger and better... I can't wait for more.

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