Saturday, October 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Mini Baby Boss Battle

Last week we battled the "Big Boss Monster" but for today's workout we are starting from the beginning and taking on the "Mini (Baby) Boss Battle"

We started off with a nice Build, 2 rounds of 5x Wall Squats, 10x Air Squats and 5x Heavy Goblet Squats. We then moved on to our Proficiency which was 10x Weighted Good Mornings, 10x Light Dumbbell Scarecrows and then High Knees, High Skip, Butt Kickers, Quad Stretch and Side Shuffle Left and Right.

Both of those were more of a warm up for the Mini Boss Battle. Though it's only a third of what we did last Saturday the goal is to finish in the allotted time.  For this battle we had to do a 460 meter run, 50x Kettlebell Swings, 460 meter run, 40x Push Ups, 460 meter run, 30x Goblet Squats, 460 meter run, 20x Burpees, 460 meter run, and 10x NerdMakers.

As I said it had less to do but we also had more running and less time. It was a tough workout but I'm happy to say that I finished the entire thing with five minutes to spare. These Saturday workout are to prepare us for when we re-battle the Big Boss Monster. I don't have a clue how many of these "mini" bosses we have to fight before that happens but let's hope there are a few as last week's boss was a killer and I didn't even finish.

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