Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Box Jumps & Burpees

DEX class for today's NerdStrong workout.. coach Blair teaching today's class so that means we start off with a 230 meter run around the parking lot before coming back in and doing some calf stretches, sumo squats and threading the needle.

For the Proficiency part of the workout we did 3 rounds of 10x Sprawl, 12x Heavy Dumbbell/Kettlebell Calf Raises. The sprawls aren't that bad but the heavy kettlebell calf raises start to hurt about the second round as the ankles don't get worked out very often.

The Quest for today was 7 rounds.. yeah that's 7 rounds of 1 Minute Box Jumps and 5x Strict Burpees. The first few rounds are fine but you start to feel it on the fourth and fifth and then you're just trying to get through the last two with taking a tumble over the box.

And the final part of this workout.. the Battle consisted of 4 rounds of :30 seconds of Inch Worms, :30 seconds of Planking, then :30 seconds of Frog Hops and finally :30 seconds of rest which feels like 5.

Overall this was a nice balanced workout.. I don't feel like I overworked any particular part of my body.. thanks coach Blair.

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