Sunday, October 4, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Dungeon

Today's workout is the Dungeon workout. This is one of the very first geeky themed workout that coach Andrew created back when NerdStrong (aka Nerdfit) was happening out of Andrew and Marla's garage.

Of course it's updated and has a bit more stuff to do since the gym has grown. This was my first time doing this workout.

Today's workout we teamed up with a fellow warrior and moved from room to room and had to battle what was in each room for 3 minutes (in thirty second intervals, meaning I did it for thirty seconds and then my partner would do it for thirty seconds and so on until the three minutes were up). Sometimes the Dungeon Master would roll a 20 sider and if it hit 1 - 9 we fell into a trap (had to do Burpees), if it hit 10 - 20 we found the trap and didn't fall in.

My partner Jami and I started in room 3 "Barbell Squats", these weren't bad, it was our first battle so we were still very fresh and ready to kick some butt, we moved on to room 4 "Plank", again like with room 3 we felt pretty good, it's still early on in the battle, in this room we encountered our first trap door but luckily we spotted it just in time and didn't fall in. Room 5 was Barbell Push Press', we choose a decent weight and managed to do the full three minutes without stopping. Next was room 6 "Max Hold", this isn't a hard battle just a painful one as your hands really do all the work. Room 7 "Banded Pulldowns" were nice and a great way to stretch the shoulders out but we did find another trap door but this time we didn't see it in time and fell through (5 burpees together). And speaking of shoulders the room 8 "Battleropes" killed our shoulders, Battleropes are hard enough but when you have to do thirty seconds three times in a row it's brutal. Room 9 "Sled Push" was difficult, not only before you just finished battling Battleropes but yo have to push this very heavy sled over asphalt. Next was room 10 "10 meter Sprint". This was actually a break since we didn't have to use our arms or shoulders. We then moved to room 1 "Rowing". Not the best thing to have to do towards the end of the workout. We rowed for :20 seconds and then took a :10 seconds rest for the full three minutes. And our final room was Room 2 "Kettlebell Deadlifts". These aren't hard but after doing all those previous battles your arms feel like jello and I had to drop down in weight to finish the full three minutes.

Overall I'm very happy with my performance talking the various obstacles in this dungeon. I had a great partner who continued to encourage me to push through the pain. I think this workout became an instant classic. Lots of different activities that push you to your limits... it was a great workout.

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