Monday, August 1, 2016

My First Firefly Loot Crate

So I've resisted Loot Crate and all the similar crates out there now for years. But when I heard Firefly was doing a loot crate I knew I had to subscribe, unfortunately it took me much longer to do so then usual and I missed out on the first two loot crates Kaylee and Mal.  So this is the third Firefly box to be released focusing on Zoe. And since it's my first loot crate ever why not video tape myself unboxing it. 

As you can see I got some interesting items. I'm not to keen on the shirt but they can't all be winners. I really like the leather journal, the challenge coin and of course both the Wash mini figure and the Zoe figure. I plan to do more box openings for future Firefly Loot Crates.. stay tuned.

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