Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Cape

Still sick so I stayed home from work today and decided to catch up on some TV. I sat down to watch the 2 hour premiere and following episode of The Cape. Here's a brief synopsis of the show:

The series, set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, follows Vince Faraday, an honest police detective who is considering leaving the city's corrupt police force. He witnesses the murder of the city's new police chief by a mysterious individual known as "Chess". Faraday accepts an offer to work for the private security firm of billionaire Peter Fleming, who is petitioning the city to privatize their police and public safety operations. An e-mail from the anonymous investigative blogger "Orwell" leads Faraday and his partner Marty Voyt to a cargo train owned by Fleming's firm that is smuggling explosives. Unfortunately, Voyt has set up Faraday and delivers him to Chess, who is Fleming himself. Fleming frames Faraday for the police chief's murder and sends his security teams after Faraday in a chase (televised by local news stations) that culminates in an explosion. The entire city (including Faraday's family) now believes that Faraday is Chess and that he died in the explosion. Faraday survives and is taken in by a traveling circus turned bank robbery ring. Their leader, Max Malini, trains Faraday to use a special black cape to defend himself against his foes. The circus folk convince Faraday that he cannot reveal himself to his wife and son without endangering their lives. Faraday decides to fight Palm City's corruption and clear his name by taking the guise of his son's favorite comic book hero, "The Cape".

I enjoyed it, I like the characters and the storyline. I think the effects are pretty cool and I like that The Cape is more like Batman then Superman, he has no super powers. I like Summer Glau's character, three episodes in and your getting a little bit of information about her. I like that they have a main bad guy.. Chess but they also have various other bad guys so The Cape won't be fighting Chess every week and him getting away just in the nick of time. I like the carnival people.. it's a nice supporting cast. It's not a must see TV show.. yet!! but it has potential and I look forward to to seeing where it goes.

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