Monday, January 17, 2011

A Healthier Me - Day 156

One huge downside to being so sick and dizzy is that you can't stand for more then a few minutes, which makes workouting impossible. I missed my workout on Wednesday, but figured I'd make it up on the weekend. Well Thursday mid-day at work I started to feel ill and it got progressively worse. So when I got home Thursday night I did not work out and was sick Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so no working out for me the past five days, which is horrible.

But it is Monday so I did my weigh in, I'm currently 207

Yeah I figured I would gain some weight.. I mean I'm sick but it hasn't effect my appetite. I'm actually still sick today but dragging myself into work.. and depending on how I feel tonight I may skip my Monday workout as well. I hate being sick.

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