Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner with America

Tonight I had to pleasure of having dinner with someone who has to one of the sweetest and most interesting people I know. It starts with her name America. I met America through our mutual friend Greg Aronowitz. She's one of those people who, as you first meet them, are the happiest and nicest people in the world. You can help but smile when you are around her. She's an actress/stunt woman/ even organizer and so much more.

We've gotten to know each other a various events and shoots, and over texting and twitter but we never just hung out. So last week I asked if she wanted to have dinner with me and she said yes. We opted to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) in Studio City.

She's one of those people who makes you feel comfortable and easy to talk to. We chatted about everything from personal stuff to behind the scenes of movies she had worked on to podcasting and movie festivals.

Good food and Great Company makes for a very enjoyable evening.. one that I hope we will repeat very soon.

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