Friday, June 24, 2011

General Update on my Geeky Life

My Buddy Ken Todd Drew this for me.
Since my Dad has been ill I tend to get a lot more "how are you doing" questions. I normally say I'm fine but that's about it. So I've decided to give a little bit more of a in depth "how I am going" at this moment in time.

First of all just got off the phone with my Dad who had just had his second chemo on Wednesday and not going into great detail but he is feeling great. Tumors seem to shrinking, doctors are happy with his progress and he's in great spirits... so yay!!!

Work is horrible at the moment, lots of stress that could have been avoided if the EP's could just keep to my post schedule. Been some tense moments the past few weeks. Being a post production supervisor you expect stress especially towards the end of the shows run. But as I get older I've come to realize that I'm liking it less and less. Ive been in the entertainment industry for over 16 years and I've loved it about 90% of the time and hated it the other 10%. The past few years it's more like love 10% and hate 90%.  I have been really considering getting out of the industry but it's not so easy to give up my position. It would be tough to find a "starter" job and make the amount of money I make now. But with that said I don't need to make the same amount. As long as I make enough to cover my monthly expenses, which is still a hefty amount but I'd be happy with that.. but what job can I do. I've considered becoming a teacher for K - 2nd grades as I love kids, but as I get older that become less and less appealing. I also wouldn't mind opening some sort of "geeky" store, but that's always risky and you need a good amount of money to start off with.

Honestly my ideal job right now would be to podcast full time. I love to create, produce, edit and host podcasts and I think I'm really good at it. Only issue with doing that full time, is podcasting doesn't pay. Yes you can get advertisers for your podcasts and donations but that's not enough to keep me afloat every month, unless you can get some very large advertisers.

So when my current job ends in mid September I'll sit down and re-evaluate my situation and see if I can find an escape plan that will work for me and get me out of the entertainment industry or at least stop being a post production supervisor.

And speaking of podcasts, I currently have 2 in production, 2 in "start up " mode and another 3 or 4 waiting in the wings to get started. I love podcasing and have so many great ideas for new shows but not the time to devote to doing them. My Knights of the Guild podcast is going strong just passing 216,000 downloads after 2 years 5 months. My new MASH 4077 Podcast has been out since February and just passed 10,000 downloads. The two podcasts I have in the works, Epic Geek Out has been a tough start, came up with the idea last year and have had several false starts. It's still going to happen but might be a few months before it sees the light of day. My new idea which I had last week is called Confessions of a Fanboy and it's on the fast track. I'm hoping to get the first episode out mid July. I'm very excited for this one.  I have several calls out to some well known folks seeing if I can do "official" podcasts for them as well.. so lots going on in my podcast world.

As for my personal life, nothing really going on there. Harry is leaving for Austria on August 13th. Once he is gone I'll take a look around and see the situation.. I hate being alone but I have no plans to jump back into a relationship. In all my 40 years of living on this Earth I have lived alone for a total of 10 months. 0 - 18 with family, 18 - 33 with roommates and for a glorious 10 months between 33 - 34 I lived alone and then I met Harry and we've been living together since. So I am looking forward to living alone for a while. I'm not opposed to dating but I have no plans to start living with someone for the foreseeable future. No idea what the future holds but I'm looking forward to finding out.

I do plan on working out again. I did pretty good at the end of last year, I worked out for about 3 months and lost about 17 lbs, but then got sick in January which lasted for 3 months and when I started to feel better in April I had lost all motivation to work out again. But I know I need to get back on that horse so I plan to start working out again on Monday. I also started playing on a Quidditch team. If you know me you know I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan so when I heard an LA team was being formed I couldn't help but join. It's a great workout but it does show me that I have a long way to go before I'm back in shape. So between working out again and Qudditch I hope to be a healthier me by the end of the year.  I'm hoping to lose 40 lbs, but for starters I'd be happy to get below 200 which mean I need to lose 13 lbs.

Well I think I rambled on for long enough.. if you read it all.. congratulations and Thanks for caring about me.  I have my good and bad days but for the most part I'm a happy person trying to live my geeky life as best as I can. Thank you all for being part of it.


  1. It takes a lot of courage to "question the norm" and be willing to make a major change at this point in your life. I hope you're able to find a way to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of your career whatever route you take there. Glad to help in any way I can.

  2. I agree with "The Elder of the Bachs" , we support you. We love you kenny and are glad thongs are going well, keep up the good work!

  3. Glad to hear that things are going well with your father. Trying to figure out your life is never easy I know it is something I am struggling with as well, but I hope that things go well for you and that come September you'll be able to find something a little less stressful at least!

  4. kenny,your so talented that i'm sure something will open up for you. watch the stress..take care of your heart. healthwise and personally.