Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google +

Today Google revealed it's new social network called Google +. I was skeptical as I wasn't sure I wanted to jump into another social network as the few that I'm in seem to take up a lot of my free time, but when the opportunity came up and I could get an invite before many others I jumped at it.

Well it's only been a day but I have been on this site non-stop checking out every nook and cranny. I love this new site. It's like a cross between facebook and twitter. It's very clean looking and not cluttered like facebook. It has a great video chat program "hanging out" and it has these things called circles which allow you to group your "friends" in various circles and only share what you want with whom you want. If you want to read more about it my buddy Scott wrote a pretty good article about it on his blog that you can find HERE,

So far I'm loving it and it can only get better.

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