Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention

Today I went to the Long Beach Convention Center where they were holding the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con. The Guild was going to attend on Saturday of the two day event so me and a bunch of Guildies decided to make it a group activity.

The day started off with Brian, Greg and Sean giving a location tour of Season 5, since alot of it was shot at the Long Beach Convention Center. After the tour we had a viewing of Season 5 (cut down to 45 minutes). It was fun watching the season all strung together though there were some huge gaps and scenes completely taken out for time.. but all in all it was a fun watch.

A handful of us went down to the show floor where all the dealers are. We walked around the floor looking at different folks in costumes and checking out the dealers that were there. We found our friends Team Unicorn and their booth and decided to hang out there and chat for bit.

At 1pm The Guild cast (Vince, Amy, Robin and Felicia, along with crew Greg, Sean and Kim) did a panel. It was a 45 minute Q&A session and after a slow started it really got moving. The cast and crew were funny as always. Once that was over a few of us agreed to meet back here at 2:30 to go to lunch. So I headed out with Chris to his hotel room and then we hit the floor again.

At 2:30 about 17 of us gathered at our meeting place for lunch. We headed across the street to Islands and Chris used is charm to get us a table in about 10 minutes which wasn't bad since we had 17 people. They placed us at 3 tables all within the same area. Lunch was a riot.. I got a strawberry margarita and I'm a light weight so I was feeling pretty good.. even had one of my infamous giggle feast.

After lunch we went over to the Jones Soda truck. We were told they were giving out The Guild Jones soda bottles. When I got there several of my friend told Will about my experiences with my previous Jones Soda orders and he gave me a full set (6 sodas) all in perfect condition for free. Jones Soda is a pretty amazing company and have one of the best customer services I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

We then headed back to the con to meet up with the other Guildie Extras at 5pm. The gathering started off slow but soon folks were mingling and when Amy, Robin, Sean, Brian and Greg showed up folks got really excited. This lasted to about 8pm and then the party moved to a local bar where we had some dinner and a few more drink. We then went to an bowling alley/ arcade and played a few games before heading back to Chris' hotel for an after party.

Now this is were the real fun began. Since the room was so small we only could invite a few folks to join us. I was drunk but not so much so that I wouldn't remember the night. I was having a blast and I didn't want to forget everything. The party last until about 3am where I and several others crashed were we could in Chris' room.

This day started off fun and just got better and better as it went. Thanks to Chris, Luis, Jes, Jen, Anne, Scott, Rupert, Aaron, Anthony, Ashphord and new friends Nikki and Megan for making this an AWESOME time.

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