Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disneyland & Medieval Times

Though I didn't go to bed until 3am this morning and was so drunk, I had made plans to join my buddy Bryan at Disneyland, who was visiting from Michigan. So I got up at 7am and actually felt pretty good. I was tired and had a bit of a hangover but for the amount of alcohol I drank and the little sleep I got I think I was doing pretty good. Luckily I stayed in Long Beach so getting to Disneyland didn't take me too long. I got there around 9am and made plans to hook up with my buddy in the front of the park. Bryan and I are online friends, we've been chatting for a few years and really get along online so I was very excited to finally actual meet him face to face.

You know it's always funny when you first meet a person that you only know for online. Bryan and I have only communicated over facebook chat, we've never verbally talked or did video chats. I knew what he looked like from his pictures so when I walked into the park I saw him walking over to me. Now I'm a hugger, always have been but some people don't like to be touched so I opted for the one are "straight" guy hug and said hello. Come to find out he's okay with actual hugs :)

Our bond was instant, there are some people that you meet and they are nice and you'll call them a friend but then there are those who from the moment you meet it's as though you've been friends all your life. That's what it was like meeting Bryan face to face.

First thing he wanted to do was show me a "birthday" gift that he wanted to get for me so we walked over to Tomorrow Land and to the Star Wars store area. There is a place where they take your picture and place it in a Star Wars scene. He wanted to buy one of those for me for my birthday. I've always liked those but never had gotten one. I was excited and of course I wanted him to be part of the picture so I looked for a two person picture and found the perfect one... and it turned out GREAT!!!  ----->

Next we rode a few rides and chatted about life. He and I talk TV or movies most of the time online so it was nice to actually talk about our personal lives and get to know each other better. We headed over to California Adventures to go to the Aladdin live stage play. I love Aladdin so I was super excited to see this and it didn't disappoint.. That play will be a must watch every time I go to Disney.

We grabbed some lunch and watched the Star Wars Jedi Training, and continued to enjoy ones company. I talked Bryan into doing Autopia as he can't drive due to a medical condition and I figured it would be fun as you kind of drive those cars though they are on a track. I was behind him and got to watch him attempt to drive.. it was pretty funny.

Around 4:30pm we headed over to Medieval Times for dinner and show. This is something that I have been wanting to do since I was young but never did. Bryan is huge into Medieval Times and was excited to share this experience with me. He went all out and got lots of extras, like a picture of us in costume fighting the dragons.. that was fun. We got prime seating and some flags. It was everything I expected and more and I'm so happy that I got to share the experience with him. Good food, great company and a fantastic show. Can't wait to do it again one day.

After Medieval Times we headed back to Disneyland and spend a few more hours there before they closed. We did a few rides and I was excited to be able to take Bryan to ElecTronica as he's a Tron fan and we thought we weren't going to be able to make it, but we got the California Adventures 10 minutes before they closed.

At 11pm both parks were closed and Bryan was kind enough to offer for me to crash at his hotel room as I was so tired after all the excitement of Saturday and now a fun filled day on Sunday. So I said yes. Not sure what time we both went to bed but we spent a few more hours chatting.. it was great.

I had such a FANTASTIC time hanging with Bryan, I have to admit I'm a bit smitten with him but as with most of the great guys I know.. he's straight as well. Oh well, he's going to make some woman very happy some day. Can't wait to hang out with you again Bryan.. hope it's soon. Thanks for everything.

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  1. well i had fun time as well and you can say you hung out with a cool friend and also finally tell every one you got to go to medieval times the greatest dinner and show pictures you posted on this are great this page would make for a cool podcast