Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rewards & Dinner

Today I worked on getting together all the rewards for my Knights of the Guild Kickstarter project from a few months back. When folks donated we promised them rewards in return, ie poster, buttons and such. Now I have 60+ people that I need to ship rewards too. I have manage to get most of the rewards (still waiting to get the screen used props from Greg Aronowitz) but other then that I have everything else. It's just a matter of figuring out the best way to ship all these things. If you made a donation to my Kickstarter you should be getting your rewards in the next few week.. fingers crossed :)

Tonight I headed down the downtown Los Angeles as my buddy Mike was in town for a blogging and social media convention. Mike and I have been friends for years but never managed to have more then a 10 minute visit as the only times we see each other are at cons and both of us are normally very busy. So when he said he was going to be in town and wanted to grab some dinner I jumped at it. Since it was a Wednesday and in downtown LA I didn't want to drive as I knew traffic was going to be bad so instead I drove to the North Hollywood Metro (subway) station. That's only a 40 minute drive for me. I ride the subway very rarely but I did my research ahead of time to find out what exit I had to get off that was closest to where we were going to eat.

Got on the train right away as there was one waiting for me when I got down there. Took about 15 minutes and I was downtown (would have taken me over an hour in traffic to get there). I got off at Persian Square and went right for a few blocks (which I have to say were very ghetto). It was dark and I normally don't mind walking through a more "seedy" part of town but there were alot of homeless and less then nice looking folks just hanging around the sidewalk. Well I got about two blocks from the subway and realized I must be going the wrong direction as the street I was expected didn't show up as it should have. So I turned around and walked back through the same homeless and sketchy looking people back to the subway and then went left from there. It was like night and day. A block away there were young couples dressed to the nines, woman jogging alone, business suit men and women walking around. I found the street I was looking for and about ten minute later I was at my location.

We had dinner at Bonaventure Brewing Co. at the Westin. It was great to see Mike, we chatted non stop for hours and really got to know each other better. He's one of those friends that you feel like you have known forever and can talk open and honest about everything. It was a really good visit. His friend Danielle joined us later in the evening and we enjoyed each others company. Around 10pm I said my goodbye and headed back to the subway (this time I went to a different station). Had to wait about 10 minute for a train. Got back to my jeep around 10:30 and home a little after 11pm.  It was a good night.

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