Saturday, September 7, 2013

Podcasts, Gaming and More

I had a very productive day today.. I worked on sanding my deck for a half hour, played some LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) and cleaned up the kitchen. I put a call out there for a green screen and several folks came to my rescue. So now I have one for our GE3K'S Company photo shoot on Saturday October 5th.

I recorded the next episode of my Alien Nation Podcast. My brother's family are all sick so he wasn't able to make it over here today and it's due to be released in a few days so I put the call out there for a co-host and my buddy Doug responded. He's also the person who loaned me his green screen.

The recording went off with out a hitch. We did as my brother and I normally do, watch the episode and then record the podcast for that episode.  We only did the one episode as my brother should be able to join me for the rest.

For dinner I was going to head out and pick up Taco Bell (really had the urge for it, I haven't had it in a good month or so), in fact I was in my car and already five minutes down the road when I stopped, turned around and decided that I had everything at my house to make some burritos. Of course they aren't as tasty as Taco Bell's but they were cheaper and less fattening. I was very proud of myself, my will power may have been delayed a bit but all the matter is that I didn't give in to it... this time :)

Chris introduced to me to Minecraft and I played for a few months until he introduced me to LOTRO last December and that is all I play now. But during Chris' recent visit he was watching some videos of these British guys who became really popular within the Minecraft universe. They record themselves playing video games and are very funny and charismatic. I found out that they have quite a few videos on You Tube with millions of views. So I started at the beginning and I've watched about 20 of them of far. They are some of the most entertaining guys I've seen in a while... I'm defiantly addicted. If you want to check them out they are Simon and Lewis and are part of the "Yogscast" It's pretty amazing, they started off with just a few videos now they have this huge online empire.. you can check out their main website HERE.

So all in all a pretty good day.. got some work done, got some cleaning done and have a bit of fun.

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