Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 18

Today was a travel day. I was going from York to Doncaster. It's only a 43 mile drive so I figured I'd get there in an hour or so. I left my hotel around 10am and while driving there I came across some nuclear silos. It reminded me of The Simpsons. I had never seen nuclear silos before. I got into Doncaster around 11. I was staying with my Treks in Sci Fi buddy Daniel and his family. I've known Daniel for many years but we've never met in person. So this was going to be our first time. Daniel took off time from work to hang out with me while I stayed at his place. I was staying with him and his family for 3 days.

He lives in a very cute row house just outside city center. I knocked on the door and was greeted by his smiling face. I entered his house and met his wife Laura and their young daughters Isabel and Elia. I instantly learned a ton about My Little Ponies as both kids brought out many of their own ponies and shared all sort of information with me.

Laura and the kids had to go somewhere and Daniel and I headed into town. We walked around town, check out Doncaster Minster which was beautiful, and then stopped for some drinks. My first drink was a cider called Rosie (I chose it because it reminded me of LOTR and Sam's wife).

We then went to another bar and I discovered Hooch. I had never heard it before but I was hooked. I guess these were big back in the 90's here in England but the "refreshing" drink, was criticized for its sweet lemonade taste and cartoon-style branding, which was thought to be attractive to teenagers. It has 4.7% ABV, stronger than many beers and was pulled for about nine years until resurfacing recently. All I know is I could have drank these all day long. But after a few I was feeling a bit tipsy.

Afterwards we headed back home and his family was there. I found out that the two girls are huge fans of Frozen so we watched it while we had some dinner or as they like to call it tea, which really confused me as I thought they actually meant tea.

They gave me their entire office/play area for my room at the top of the house. They had a bed all set up for me as well. It was a good day. They took me into their family like I was one of their own. Though we had just met it was like we've known each other forever.. it was pretty awesome. Heading to Manchester tomorrow.

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