Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dream Vacation - Day 19

Today Daniel and I were heading to Manchester. I was going to drive since Daniel does not. We mapped it out and it had us going north and over Peak District National Park but Daniel said that the drive would be much better if we drove through the park and since I want to see as much countryside as I could I agreed that we should go through the park. It's about 60 miles from Doncaster to Manchester.

We headed out in the morning and it was foggy and gloomy, we were hoping that it would burn off or change when we entered the park but it didn't. The road way we were planning on taking was actually closed halfway through it and we went all over the place following detour signs. I have to say that some of the roadways were extremely perilous and my heart was pounding hard a few times. But we made it to Manchester and walked around for an hour or so. There really wasn't much to see in this city. But like all cities in England they had some amazing looking old buildings.

For lunch we found a Taco Bell in a local mall. Daniel had never had Taco Bell before and I was missing it so we grabbed some lunch while there.

So we headed home and tried to take the more scenic route again and this time the fog wasn't as bad, we even came across this house in the middle of this valley and it was one of the most beautiful sites that I had seen this entire trip. It was as if it was plucked out of a fairytale. I had to stop and take some pictures (which still don't do it justice).

Made it back to Doncaster and I got to hang out with just Daniel as his wife and kids were out. We watched a local debate on weather or not the UK should separate from the EU. It was interesting to watch British politics. I guess politics are the same regardless of what country you are in.

After the debate I introduced Daniel to Star Wars The Clone Wars, we watched the movie and then a few episodes of the series... he was hooked, don't think his wife was happy about that :)

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