Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Rugged Maniac Mud Run

Today I did my second "mud run" and it was called the Rugged Maniac, it was out in Temecula. I was doing it with my buddy Rob (from NerdStrong) and his family (dad, sister and her boyfriend) This is a 3.1 miles run with 25 obstacles. Our run time was at 1:30pm so it was hot, like 105 f hot. We jogged here and there but the majority of the time we walked along with the majority of the other people... It was just to hot to run. It was a lot of fun.. they had a water truck that would drive by you while you were on the path and spray a ton of water on you. Of course you dried immediately afterwards. There were so many awesome obstacles and there were a few that I attempted to do but failed, overall I was able to accomplish about 95% of them.

This experience was similar but different to the other mud run that I did earlier this year, The Warrior Dash. That had about half of the obstacles and they didn't allow people to roam around the grounds to cheer people on like they did here. The shower systems was much better here then at the Warrior Dash. The Warrior Dash had a large hosing off area that was way to crowded and the water pressure was horrible so people were removing the nozzles which would make the water pressure even worse. Here at the Rugged Maniac they had this large glass room that about thirty people would get into and then people from above would spray soap foam all over you and then wait a few minutes for you to wash up before turning on high pressure hoses and spraying you off. It was surprisingly efficient and got you really clean. I think the overall set up and organization was better then Warrior Dash... both were fun but I definitely prefer Rugged Maniac

I was going to type out all the different obstacles but instead I decided to just post pictures of each so you can get an idea of what we did.

If you want to read more about the obstacles you go check them out HERE. This was my second mud run and it was a blast (though hot). I will definitely be going another one of these in the near future.

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