Saturday, August 21, 2010

So It Begins

Did I work on the six podcasts that I need to get done.. no! Did I go grocery shopping which I had planned to do.. no! Did I do any of the numerous things in the yard that need to be done.. no! Did I work out as planned.. no!

What did I do today.. I played Wii Resort games... for the majority of the day. I mean I took a break for lunch and watched TV while we ate but then it was back to Wii.. We finally took a break to eat some dinner and watch the latest episode of Eureka and then it was time for the news and I think that will be it on Wii tonight.. at least for me.. Harry might play a few more rounds of bowling before he heads to bed.

This is why I don't play games, but I think we played all day today because it's new.. I'll just have to teach myself that I can play when I'm done with all my daily duties.

As for not working out.. I worked out the past five days and to be honest playing Wii gives you a really good cardio workout.. so in a sense I did do my cardio.


  1. You need to establish parameters. Give your self a time limit for gaming, write it on a post-it note and stick it to your Wii. I hear that works ;)

  2. Hey! You were a really good boy and worked out ALL WEEK! You needed a little break and you got a new toy, so you had to play with it. Don't feel like you are a slacker, because you are not :) Go Kenny! Go Kenny!

  3. Don't feel guilty. The newness will wear off and you'll find it's a great work-out tool. I've lost 25 pounds playing the wii!

  4. You gotta remember to take a day off after 3 days of working out to give your body a chance to recover and get used to what you've started to do with it. :) Most work out plans are laid out like that.