Monday, February 14, 2011

A Healthier Me - Day 184

:: heavy sigh :: Well I'm still sick.. going on four weeks. I am getting better but it's just taking sooooo long. I've have now not worked out for almost a month. I feel horrible, I'm gaining weight again and feel like all that hard work I did the past three months is all wasted and I'll have to start all over again when I'm finally feeling 100%

Since it's Monday I weighted my self like I do every Monday morning 209.5

Yep.. I gained a whopping 2 pounds since last Monday. I have two options here.. I can wallow in self pity and get upset at my weight gain and my continue struggle with food or re-double my efforts when I'm feeling better and start working out again. See this a a minor set back and get back on track to a healthier me... think I'll go with the latter. 

Well I'll keep you posted.

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