Saturday, February 5, 2011

KOTG 2nd Anniversary Podcast

Today was all about my Knights of the Guild 2nd Anniversary Podcast. Been working on this the past few weeks but really started getting everything together the past few days and finished up early today. Since my house if a bit of a drive my friend Teal Sherer ofter us her place, which is much closer to the majority of the people. So I needed to pack up and move my entire recording system to her place. I wanted to make sure I had everything and even things that I might not sure but might need. I gathered and organized all the questions that listeners had for the cast members. I packed everything up in my jeep and headed down. I had to stop off at Vons and get food and drinks for the party, later we would order pizza/pasta as well. We were expecting over 25 people so I have to get quite a bit.
I manage to get to Teal at 4pm as planned and to my surprise Jenni (my co-host) got there at the same time. I didn't expect her until closer to our start time at 6pm. So Teal, Jenni and I unpacked my Jeep and began to set up the studio and food. Around five Ali (Teal's boyfriend) came home and just in time as we found out that Macs internal cams have a issue with Ustream so we weren't able to get the video feed to work. After several tries we finally got it working (Ali has windows on his Mac) and I brought my webcam from home and we got everything working around 6ish. A few people started to arrive and we began to broadcast but we held out starting the actual podcast until 6:30pm.

I didn't have any plans for this podcast... we were going to do a Q&A and just kind of chat with everyone. It was kind of like some controlled chaos.  Sandeep, Robin and Amy showed up so we started with their Q&A's and about 10 minutes in Jeff showed up with his new baby Harry and that was it for the interview. The next 20 minutes were devoted to little Harry (who is adorable). More cast members showed up and we grabbed cast, crew, and extras and did interviews with each. It was alot of fun. It ran a little over 4 hours and towards the end Audacity crashed and I wasn't able to save the past four hours recording. As of right now I'm not sure if it's gone or I'll be able to recover it. Luckily we have almost the entire thing (video and audio) recoded on ustream so I can always get the audio off that. But that's not the nice microphone/clear audio. But it's better then nothing.

One downside of being the producer/host of the podcast is that I'm not able enjoy the party or hang out with all my friends.... I didn't even get to eat any food. Oh well everyone seem to have a really good time and the listeners seemed to enjoy the four hour podcast.  I'll be posting more pictures and additional video from the evening. If you missed the live podcast you can watch the recording on our Ustream channel.

I'll keep everyone posted on my status of retrieving the audio.. I have until the 15th to get everyone in order and uploaded.

You can check out more pictures HERE


  1. Wow. I didn't realize you didn't get a chance to get any of the food. We would've been cool if you had wanted to take a break Kenny. We'll have to set up a plan for next year so you can enjoy everything a little more. Hopefully you are able to retrieve the audio but if not what you were able to get is still good. Don't stress yourself out about it.

  2. You definitely went above and beyond the call of duty with your work on this podcast Kenny and we really appreciate all that you did and sacrificed to bring us such an amazing podcast but I have to agree with Ben, we do want you to enjoy yourself as well as you more then deserve it. Thanks again and I really hope all goes well with the audio recovery

  3. I agree with Steven and Ben, you did a great job with that podcast, Kenny. Thanks for putting that together a second time. Between the cast, crew, and fan interview, it was a lot that you covered. And next time, you should get guest cohost to allow you and Jenni to get some food/downtime, we'd understand. :)

    And like Ben said, don't worry about the recovery so much. We understand you have a lot to worry about, so if you're not able to get it pieced together, it'd be okay to release the audio from ustream or release it little by little.