Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on my Geeky Life

Well it's February 1st and I figured I'd give everyone an update on the going on's of my life.

I've been sick going on three weeks now but I am doing better, the past few nights I have slept through the night (with the help of NyQuil) and I still have a slight cough and still very mucusie.

I stopped working out when I got sick to let my body rest plus I didn't feel well enough to do any working out. I hope to start back up next Monday.. I've only gained about 3 lbs over the three weeks from not working out.. which isn't bad.

My Knights of the Guild podcast is about to hit it's 2 year anniversary. Will be having a big 2 year anniversary podcast this coming Saturday with friends, cast members and crew of The Guild.. should be lots of fun.

About to launch my new MASH 4077 Podcast this week. We (Al, Meds and I) recorded four episodes this past weekend. I edited the first episode on Sunday and sent it out to the guys to preview.. they both liked it and with a few minor tweaks it will be up in itunes by weeks end.

I'm actually starting a third podcast called Epic Geek Out, this is taking a bit longer to get started but it's still moving forward. I hope to record a promo for it this weekend and discuss with my co-host Jen when we will record our first few episodes.

Now for work, things have been fairly quiet, well that was until this week. There was some personnel changes and things started to really pick up all of a sudden. MTV has a very complicated delivery schedule that I'm just now learning. I think once I have the system down it shouldn't be too bad but until then I'm a bit stressed out.

Family is doing well, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law and of course my little guy Kenobi (nephew) are doing great.. they've been sick off and on but nothing serious.

Friends have been great, I have been trying to see everyone more often and it's a real effort but my friends are so worth it. I hope to hang out with them even more often.

Harry and I are doing well, I have to say that the past few weeks things between us have been great. We make much better friends now then partners. He is still trying to work out his plans on departing the US.

I guess that's it for now.. busy, busy, busy.. but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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