Friday, February 11, 2011

Sean's 30th Birthday Party

Today was my buddy Sean Becker's 30th Birthday party.. it was a surprise party so all the guests needed to be there by no later then 7:00pm. That meant I had to leave work early, around 5pm to get to Van Nuys by 7pm. Traffic in Los Angeles is a crap shoot.. sometimes it takes an hour sometimes two and I didn't want to be late. Fortunately.. or unfortunately it only took me an hour and I got to Kim's house at 6pm. I hung out in my car until my Padawan Troy showed up at 6:45pm.. he was my +1. We got to the party and helped out with setting up a bit.. then Greg Benson (party was at Greg and Kim's house) had set up a green screen and camera and had everyone dance for him.. after embarrassing ourselves in front of the camera we went back to the party where more and more people started to arrive. Around 7:20pm we got word that Sean was here.. we turned all the lights out and stood in the backyard quiet as can be. The minutes passed by, in order to get Sean to come over and not be suspicious Greg asked him to help him out with a skit.. so when Sean got here.. they actually went through the motions and got Sean into his outfit and started to explain what he wanted... it was funny because we are all right next to the garage and can hear everything but we all just stood there huddled together in the backyard just waiting for them to walk him so we could yell surprise.

Well what felt like hours, really just a few minutes Sean finally came into the backyard.. we yelled Surprise and Happy Birthday (and he was totally surprised) and the party started. My Padawan Troy was coming over to my house this evening so we could hang out on Saturday so I had planned to leave my Jeep and I would go home with Troy so I was going to get drunk. Those who know me, know I don't drink so I'm a lightweight and after 1 beer I was feeling the effects.. 2 beers and my face started to feel numb. On my third one Sean found me and was excited that I was drinking and challenged me to a drinking game. Well by the end of the night I was up to six beers and feeling no pain and Sean was on five. When I left he vowed to continue to drink and pass my six.. but I think I won that challenge since I wasn't there to continue to drink.. which I would have.

Anyways it was a great night.. got to hang out with friends, played some RockBand (well I sang.. and no I can't sing) but it's always fun singing with Felicia. Troy did inform me midway through the night that he forgot he had a gig the next day and couldn't hangout.. but said he would still drive me home (which was good since I was already drunk). It was lots of fun.. Sean is one of the nicest guys you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. BTW if you don't know who Sean Becker is.. he is a very talented director/producer/actor.. but I meet him on set of Season 2 of The Guild (which he directed). Good times with good friends.. can't ask for anything better.
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