Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taxes and Podcasting

Today I had an appointment to get my taxes done. I've gone top the say guy for over 6 years. Since I only worked five and a half months last year and collected quite a bit of unemployment (with no taxes taken out) this was the first time in years that I wasn't sure if I would have to pay. In all my years of working and doing taxes I've always gotten money back.. but I thought maybe this year would be different.

I don't know the exact amount yet (should find out next week) but he says from the numbers he sees that I should be getting a refund.. so that is good news.

When I got home from the tax guy, I had to finish up both my MASH 4077 Podcast and my Knights of the Guild podcast. Both are set to be released on Tuesday Feb. 15th. I had finished editing my MASH podcast earlier this week but still have to build the webpage and add show notes and upload it to podbean. My Knights of the Guild is another story... since none of the audio was recoverable (at least not in any usable way) I relied on a version that was recorded while we did the podcast.  It's not horrible audio but since it was the mic on the laptop it picks up eveyones audio and there are times when it's tough to hear our interviewees. But it's what we have and I'll have to work with it. We recorded about four hours of podcasts.. with maybe 3 hours of usable/interesting information. So today I had to find a splitting point. I recorded an intro and ending to the episode and added some promos. It's always done but I still want to do one more pass before I upload it to podbean. Still have a few days to do that.. but I should have both done by the 15th.

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