Monday, May 16, 2011

The Guild Season 5 - Day Fourteen

FINAL DAY of principal photography for The Guild season five. It was a long.. long... long day. I actually had to go to work today after getting home around 2am the previous night from The Guild set. So I was already tired, Call time for today was at 2:30pm and I left work around 4pm and got to set at 5pm. As always I can't say much about what was shot but as I've said in my past blogs it was pretty EPIC. I got some really great interviews from cast, crew and extras. We were there until 4am but it was a great night.

We've had over a few hundred extras for this season and I've gotten to know a handful of them. It's funny how you just click with people. I mean all Guildies are great but some you just click with more than others.. over this shoot I have met several folks that I know will continue to be friends via twitter or facebook and several that will actually hang out with in real life.

Our first big shoot  day I got to meet Gabriel, Jessica, Ron, Rupert, Jes, and my buddy Luis. The next big shoot I got to know Chris, Holly, Olivia and my buddy Adam. And now for this latest shoot I got to know my buddy Chris better (who I think did the most extraing for season 5, beside myself :) I mean he played several people within the same scene ), also Anne who extra'd quite a bit and makes the best cookies in the world (peppermint chocolate for the win). But I also got to know Jen and Kim. This was Jen's first time extraing but Kim had been at the Westin a week prior as an extra ( and got to be an extra in one of the coolest and funniest scenes for season 5). Also there is Anthony (the master of disguises, I think he had four or five different costumes that he wore throughout the shoot), , who I first met at the Westin, he joined us again this weekend.. and last but far from least my buddy Aaron from Season Four who drove out from Arizona to join us this weekend.

I've now done this for four seasons (first 2 seasons, I did the behind the scenes and the last two seasons as a podcaster) and I have loved every minute of it. Of course you have your ups and downs but there have been far more ups then downs the past four seasons. I'm also proud to say that both Sean Becker (director) and I have been around the longest (4 seasons) of all crew members (besides Kim Evey of course). I also hold the number one spot of being an Extra in the most episodes of the Guild, started as a bum in season two and never looked back.

I'm a very lucky guy, I'm so thankful for the day I joined the crew of The Guild. Because of the Guild it's opened up my world to so many opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I have fans (listeners), which I didn't think I would ever say in my life but more importantly I have thousands of Guildie friends who share a love and passion of this little webseries from the brilliant mind of Felicia Day. Thanks Felicia for making all this possible.


  1. Sounds like you need to take an Odin-sleep buddy ;). I'm sure The Guild still would've functioned somehow without you, but I'm sure it would not have ended up being quite the same. So glad you found it and have liked it enough to keep sticking around and giving us all the awesome insights we have gotten in to the inner workings of it all. You've made it much more than just some show on the web. It almost feels like I've met most of the people working on the show because of all your hard work. You are a large part of why The Guild is so great. Never stop being awesome :)

  2. Kenny

    I can't speak for the others officially, but I'm pretty sure they all love you as much as I do. I found so many kindred spirits on set and it was a wonderful feeling. You rock and I'm keeping your Dad in my thoughts.


  3. It was fun, wish I could have been there for more of it. And planned my one day on set (Day Three!) better so that I could have actually hung out (sorry about that).

    Thanks for introducing me to some new Guildies, too. Isn't this community great? As surreal as being on set for the filming of The Guild (!), it is nice to see familiar and new faces, all with the same geeky interests. And it was wonderful seeing all the creativity on set in-action.

    The Guildie community is great, and I think a large part of that is the role that you and Jenni play with the podcast and being all-around great people. I'm quite the shy person in real life, but you make everybody feel comfortable. :)

    Now get some rest, because SDCC will be crazy fun!