Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Guild Season Five - Day Thirteen

Today's shot was a bit different as call time was at 2:30pm and they planned to shot until 2:30am. Got to watch some pretty epic moments during today's shoot. One of the highlights of this season was meeting some really great extra/guildies that I now call my friends.... Chris, Anne, Holly and Oliva, as well as seeing some familiar faces from previous seasons Aaron and Rebbecca. That's one great thing about The Guild is it's community, we are all fans of the show and that gives us a common link. So when you meet these people for the first time it's like meeting old friends. Of course we're all now facebook and twitter friends and I hope once the shoot is over will remain friends for many years to come.

I got some great extra, crew and one of the coolest interviews I have done to date. Unfortunately I have work at 7am tomorrow so I finally had to call it a night around 1am and head home.

Tomorrow is the last day of principal photography... though I have to work, luckily for me they are again doing the 2:30pm call time and I plan on leaving work a bit early so I hope to get there around 5pm and shouldn't miss much of the shooting.. since it's the last day I have lots of interviews I need to squeeze in. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.. but it will be so worth it.


  1. Thanks for all your updates, Kenny! It's wonderful to drop in over here and get the lowdown on what's going on.

    As always, I can't wait to see/hear what you have in store for us from Season 5! :)

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing, to bring us the awesomness that season 5 is going to be.

    Can't wait, it is July yet¡

  3. Thanks for the mention kenny... I cant wait to hear all these wonderful podcasts... It's been really great getting to know you and hang out on set...

    - Chris

  4. I'm with Higlet on this one. So glad you keep giving us updates on everything. Keep up the good work :)