Friday, May 20, 2011

I Attend Hogwarts

While I was getting gas today an older woman approached me and asked "where is Hogwarts located?" First let me say that this isn't some random question. I have a "Hogwarts Alumni" license plate cover on my jeep. I thought she was joking but she continued, " I know I've heard of that school, I think my grand daughter wanted to go there" I politely told her it was located in Scotland. She seemed very impressed and said " Oh the campus must be beautiful" I just smiled and nodded. I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth so I continued, "Yeah it's a very old campus, looks like a castle". She said " that sounds wonderful dear" patted me on my shoulder and walked away. 

I kind of feel bad for lying to her but she seemed very happy when I told her about Hogwarts.. I can just imagine her going back to her granddaughter and saying.. " Oh I met a boy who went to Hogwarts today " Oh well it's a funny story.. and actually it happened before in a grocery parking lot where a woman came up to me and asked about Hogwarts.. but that time I said it's from the Harry Potter books.


  1. You didn't lie. It is in Scotland and based on descriptions, it is beautiful and looks like a castle :)

    I have Hogwarts Alumni on my back license plate is OBLIVI8 :D

  2. Where did you get the Hogwarts Alumni plate at? I'd love to have one! Or even a sticker.