Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thieves & Car Accidents

Well I had had a great 2011 Comic Con experience, up to about 7pm when Troy and I headed back to the convention center to get in my jeep and head home. I turned off my alarm and walked over to the drives side when I noticed that my back driver side window was unzipped (I have a soft top) and opened. I looked into the car and noticed clothes all over the place. We had been robbed!! I quickly went inside the car and started to pull everything out to see what was taken. My heart dropped when I noticed that my entire bag of electronics was gone. Inside that bag was my Dell Netbook, MXL 990 Condenser microphone, sony portable audio recorder, battery charger for my still camera, 2 microphone stands, XLR to USB icicle converter, Flip cam and various other little things, like KOTG business cards as well as my own personal business cards. KOTG postcards and flyer's.  They also took my Harry Potter wand, my GPS, my Lighter Plug in USB port and another thing that really stung my poster tube with my just purchased ($90) Star Wars print from Jason Palmer, my three beautifully autographed Team Unicorn posters and my two Guild posters and my friends Ben's autographed picture.  As Troy was going through his stuff I could hear him groaning, they got his laptop with years of photos that he's never backed up, they got his camera battery charger and all his autographed photos and posters as they were being stored in my poster tube as well.

It was thought I was punched in the stomach. Troy just sat there on the floor looking lost, my instinct was to just get out of there.. I wanted nothing more then to go home, crawl under my bed sheets and cry. so I grabbed everything through it in a bag and left. On the way home I debated on calling the police, I knew there would be nothing they could do, so I opted to wait until I got home to call. Troy slept all the way home, there were several times when I though I would need to pull over the throw up (but luckily I did not). There was so much traffic and I just wanted to get home.. the more I sat there the sicker I felt. Finally after 3 hours I got Troy home. Still had another hour and a half with no traffic to get to my place.

As I got back on the 405 the car in front of me slammed on his breaks and I did the same, but the person behind me was too slow and I heard them hit their breaks and looked in my rear view mirror to see their lights heading right for me. They hit the back of my jeep dead on. I was thrown forward (thank goodness for seat belts) and in a daze for a second. I turned on my signal to pull to the side of freeway and thought the person was going to do the same thing but as I turned to see if they were behind me they zoomed by my car and were gone. I sat there shocked and shaking. I tried to calm myself down as I got out of my Jeep to see what kind of damage they did as they hit me pretty hard. To my surprise there was nothing.. at least nothing I could see in the low light I was in. I took a few moments to collect myself before jumping back on the freeway and heading home.

I got home around midnight, said hi to Harry and went bed. This wasn't how I wanted to end my San Diego Comic Con experience.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I will call the SD police in the morning and report the theft, I'm still not sure if I know everything they took.  Did a quick add up of both Troy and my stuff and the theft or thieves got away with over $3000 dollars.

Not sure what I'm going to do next.. just need this day to end.


  1. Just read all your SDCC blogs, great stuff Kenny!
    I am very sad about how the con ended for you though... That really really sucks. =/

  2. That totally SUCKS! I had my jeepwantabe (suzuki samurai) broken into. At least your thief unzipped the window. Mine slashed the top and took my stereo, speakers, and a brief case full of cassette tapes. Cost more to replace the top than what they took. Hope you get to feeling better soon!


  3. In all the of the tweets and updates about SDCC flying around, I somehow missed this! I heard you got into a fender bender, but that's about it. This is all terrible news. My heart goes out to you and and Troy. I hope your whiplash is mending, and that your equipment can be replaced. You get big hugs from Richard and I from Dallas.